One Forest, Endless Possibilties

Visit Oslomarka's main goal is to inspire and motivate people in and around Oslo, to use and enjoy the forest around Oslo. We've got 3 categories that can contribute to this.

1. Easy-Access Tours

The easy-acces tours aims directly at tourists and people that what easy and safe trips that contain unique experiences. We can also arrange and customise tours where everything from a campsite, to food and team-building activites can take place. Feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you.

2. Hiking and Forestproducts

Many thinks a hike in Oslomarka, the forest around Oslo, can be resource intensive and demanding. We don't see things this way, but fully understand that body and mind, available time or lifestyle makes it hard to get out there. This is why we want to develop products that links the forest closer to your home.

3. Exchange of Experience

Everyone that's been traveling knows how valuable local knowledge and experience is. We want to create a community where we bring people closer so that knowledge and experience can be exchanged easier.

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The forest that surrounds Oslo

We give you access to Oslomarka, no matter where you are in the world!

VisitOslomarka is a new and exiting service with one goal, we want to make OsloMarka more available for people in and around the Oslo area. This includes everyone from locals to tourists that is visiting our beautiful city. As of now our main focus is to create and gather emotive content that inspires people to get out in the beautiful forest surrounding Oslo.

As of stage two, we would like to offer so called easy-acces tours to tourists looking for a quick, yet unique experience.

It is good for your health

Research shows that physical activity will improve your health. We can adjust all of our tours to meet the participants needs. If you are interested in a customized tour, feel free to contact us.

Wild & Authentic Nature

Oslo is one of few cities in the world that have a wild and authentic forest surrounding it boundaries. You can go from high fashion shopping to untouched nature within an hour.

Memories For Life

Dont forget to bring your camera. With todays technology you can make a second last forever. One of Visit Oslomarka's main goals is to give people memories for life.

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